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The Ultimate Tool Labeling System

These durable strips of readable bar codes easily apply to your tools for fast & precise identification.


All labels are brilliant high gloss & laminated. Each label is individually die-cut for easy removal & application. 


Our labeling system is durable, tough, applies easily & is resistant to most petroleum products including oil, gasoline, diesel, brake fluid & lacquer thinner!


The labeling sets below will label more than 100 tools for immediate identification.


Standard Label Set
The Standard label set will color code:

STANDARD open end wrenches — 5/16″ to 1″ (14 open end)
STANDARD sockets 1/4″ drive    — 5/32″ to 9/16″ (11 sockets)
STANDARD sockets 3/8″ drive    — 5/16″ to 15/16″ (13 sockets)
STANDARD sockets 1/2″ drive    — 7/16″ to 1 1/16″ (12 sockets)

Metric Label Set
The Metric label set will code:


METRIC open end wrenches — 8mm to 22mm

(14 open end)

METRIC sockets 1/4″ drive     — 4mm to 13mm

(11 sockets)

METRIC sockets 3/8″ drive     — 8mm to 21mm

(13 sockets)

METRIC sockets 1/2″ drive     — 11mm to 23mm

(12 sockets)

Included with each set is the ColorTrak Legend that you can put on your toolbox for quick and easy reference while learning the system.


Our labeling system is durable, resistant to wear, applies easily & is resistant to most petroleum products including gasoline, diesel, brake fluid & lacquer thinner!

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