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The Ultimate Tool Labeling System
Who needs color coded tools?


The most organized person, with the best intentions, cannot possibly keep his toolbox immaculately organized when busy on the job. Who has time to run back and forth to their toolbox to carefully place their sockets and wrenches in their respective places when the clock is ticking?


You need to increase productivity, not waste time.


Even with perfect vision, a 12mm and a 1/2″ look very close but they are not interchangeable. With poor vision, all sizes are a blur & you definitely need to increase visibility!


Aren't you tired of holding your tools in front of your face, spinning them in the light, trying to read the size? 


This is frustrating & we all do it!

“This is a great idea but I know my tools”


Does this sound like you? If so, then consider this:


Have you ever had to pick up 2 or 3 wrenches or sockets to get the right size for the job?

When you’re under a greasy car,  tools all around you, in poor lighting, can you immediately grab the right sized tool?


When sockets are rolling away from you, you can’t tell what size they are.


We solve all these problems!

Advantages of color coding your tools
  • Sizes clearly visible from any angle & from 5' away

  • Increased productivity & less time wasted

  • Organization made simple

  • You'll know which tools are yours in a busy shop

  • You're friends will want to know where you got your tools! You better lock them up! =)

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